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Discover our collection of trapper hats, the essential accessory for facing winter in comfort. Also called a Russian hat or chapka, it is trendy and soft. You can order a trapper hat on our webshop and get a 48-hours delivery. Shop now, at Headict!
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Trapper hat: the perfect hat to keep you warm this winter

The trapper hat for men and women is the ultimate headwear for facing harsh winter conditions. Thanks to this fur hat with its two folding parts on the ears, it is impossible to get cold. We offer fur and fake fur trapper hats covered with leather, suede, wool or cotton. Choose the trapper hat that fits your style and your personality here, at Headict.

Headict, a complete selection of trapper hats

You will find nearly 100 trapper hat designs on our website. We have selected Russian hats for men, women, children and even babies. Moreover, we offer you the best brands to choose from, such as Nobis, Stetson, Gena or Barts. Also to be found in this section: fur hats. So chic.

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1001 ways to wear a trapper hat

The trapper hat is an accessory that you will never get tired of, firstly because over time it has become a timeless classic. Men and women can wear the trapper hat all winter long, regardless of their style and outfit. As a matter of fact, the trapper hat is compatible with every look and every outfit. Whether you wear a suit, jeans or baggy trousers, the trapper hat will suit you well.

In other words, the trapper hat is a very versatile hat. Moreover, the Russian hat keeps you warm and is perfect for the frosty winter months. Try now the trapper hat and place your order at Headict!

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The trapper hat is trendy and comfortable

In the heart of winter, a beanie may not be enough, as its fabric may be a little too thin when temperatures drop below zero. The trapper hat can take over, bringing much more warmth than a simple beanie. With its fur or fake fur depending on the model, the trapper hat is able to keep you warm. It covers the top of the head and both ears, with its two flaps on either side of the head.

Shop now your trapper hat and face winter with confidence and comfort. Moreover, men and women trapper hats bring much elegance and style to an outfit. It is as beautiful as it is comfortable, which probably explains why the enthusiasm for this accessory is growing stronger and stronger. If a few years ago it was quite rare on our streets, it is definitely no longer the case. It is now appreciated by everyone, both for its ability to keep us warm and for its look.

Shop a trapper hat and get a 48-hours delivery!

Headict offers you a wide variety of trapper hats for all tastes and all styles. Shop your now, and get a 48-hours delivery! Find the best products at the best price, at Headict.