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A headband is what you need if you want to protect your ears from the cold, without making any concessions on your style. Lighter than a bobble hat, colourful, elegant or made of fur, find the headband you are looking for at Headict! We also offer the best prices and an express delivery.
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The headband: a practical and stylish accessory

In our selection, you will find many headbands designed especially for skiers who are looking for maximum comfort and warmth. Choose quality first with a headband made in France from the Le Drapo brand, or opt for a more Scandinavian style with a Pipolaki headband. For women who wish to add an elegant touch to their winter outfits, we recommend fur headband. Brown, camel or grey, the headband is a discreet and chic accessory to wear in a ski resort!

A wool headband, perfect for a Bohemian style

If you have a fondness for the Bohemian look, you will most likely appreciate the women's wool headband, which is one of the trendiest accessories available at the moment. This one is not only made with a knitted stitch, it also has some fancy designs, such as twists, or jewels, placed on the front of the headband, for the most elegant models. It is an excellent alternative to a beanie, which is a little more masculine, since you can wear a men or women's headband and still show your hairstyle. The headband is not only a way to protect yourself from the cold, but also an accessory that embellishes your hair and face. The function of a men or women's headband is therefore multiple, so you can wear it in 1,000 possible ways, and not only during winter sports periods.

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A headband protects your ears in the city, as well as on the ski slopes

Headbands are nowadays as frequently seen in the mountains as they are in the city, since they offer a double function: the look is tailored, whilst protecting against the cold, like an earmuff. Nevertheless, a headband brings a little more discretion, which explains why men have adopted it as much as women. Moreover, the current trend in male haircuts is long, which explains why the headband is so frequently worn nowadays, by both men and women. Within the Headict range, you will find many models of earmuff and headband, with various colours, from light to dark, from the most discreet to the most vivid. Barts, Pipolaki, Coal or Le Drapo are among our favourite brands.

Order now the perfect headband at Headict

Headict has selected the best brands and offers products with an excellent price-quality ratio. All the headbands available in this selection are affordable. Order now your headband and get it as soon as possible. In fact, we also offer a 48-hours delivery.