Seeberger - Seeberger hats and scarves shop.

Here comes the legendary German hat manufacturer Seeberger. The brand as been created by the Seeberger brothers, Markus and Gottfried and offers today high-quality hats, caps and scarves. Find out on Headict classical and elegant Seeberfer items!
Seeberger - Seeberger hats and scarves shop.
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Seeberger hats are authentic and elegant

The Seeberger brand is a historic reference for the hat industry.  It also became a standard of high quality during the years. Are you looking for a trendy, authentic and elegant hat ? Choose Seeberger then! On Headict, you will discover the entire Seeberger collection for winter and summer. The brand also offers scarves and other winter accessories, like headbands or snoods.

Seeberger : for women only

Seeberger is a brand created for women only. On Headict, find the perfect, feminine hat, cap, beanie or scarf that fits your style and your personality.

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