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Browse through our collection and choose a woman's scarf that will keep your neck warm, give a touch of colour or an added elegance to your winter outfits. A trendy or quirky accessory, you can't go through winter without a scarf.
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A women's scarf, what else?

What could be more comforting when the thermometer goes down than wearing a woman's scarf? Both stylish and elegant, it's the perfect accessory to add a touch of colour or, on the contrary, a sober touch to your everyday outfits. Wrapped around your neck when the temperature drops, or draped when the weather is fine, a scarf is the perfect accessory to use according to your mood and style.

A large choice of women's scarves

Discover our selection of women's scarves from Barts, Seeberger, Chillouts. In fur, large knit or cotton there is something for everyone! Choose a cosy scarf to match your beanie or cap, making you the envy of your friends!

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The new face of the women's scarf

If, in the past, one lacked a bit of choice when wanting to buy a women's scarf, nowadays this is no longer the case. Indeed, today we can find many different designs, why not a women's plaid scarf, or a neck warmer, or even a comfortable snood. The scarf is now available in a multitude of new designs, which never cease to seduce fashion addicts who love modern styles and fabrics. As a result, women's winter scarves do not simply wrap around your neck, you can put them over your head, making them much more practical.

Women's scarves more suitable for sports activities

In the city as well as in the mountains, and especially for winter sports, women's neckwarmer scarf models are a popular choice because of their practicality. You won't run any risk of seeing your scarf unravel during the day's activities, as these models can be put on directly over your head, just like a turtleneck. And with the high-tech materials available on the market today, you'll be able to keep warm without having to wear a very bulky fabric. Above all, it's a question of practicality and taste.

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A cosy women's scarf

Nevertheless, the knit is still ultra stylish and Headict also offers more conventional women's scarf models and interesting alternatives, such as the snood for example, which is simply a rather thick, knitted neckwarmer, and often very pleasant to wear for its cosy aspect. And of course, women's winter scarves are available in a variety of colours, from neutral shades to brighter colours to give a little zest to winter, a season sometimes lacking in colour.