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The 6 panel cap: slightly retro, completely stylish. The trendy cap of the moment which you can buy on our website now!
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The 6-panel cap: a timeless and retro look

The 6-panel is a cap that looks just like the snapback except that it is composed of 6 panels with very distinct seams, and a much lower brim with no rigid reinforcement at the front unlike the snapback. It's the perfect cap if you want a more retro style. Usually made in a softer fabric and with a lower cap, the 6-panel is worn in the old-school way with the brim slightly raised. Also equipped with an adjustment tab at the back, the 6 panel is practical and aesthetically pleasing!

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A cap at the crossroads of styles

The snapback inspiration is undeniable when looking at a 6 panel, it also looks similar to the 5 panel. The 6 panel cap is a clever mix of sporty and American style with a retro design: a shape close to the snapback which is the cap symbol of streetwear using retro materials such as velvet, suede, chambray; also popular on the 5 panel caps! For some time now, this cap has been gaining popularity with brands like Brixton, Obey, and Benny Gold. The 6 panels caps are appearing more and more in the headwear collections of many brands.