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Discover the Capcho hat brand at Headict. At the crossroads of the Savoyard ski resorts, two shopkeepers created a virtual bridge between our cities and the faraway regions of Nepal! The Capcho adventure has been continuing since 2009. Headict has a will to share with its customers brands that are authentic, modern and original. The Capcho brand fits perfectly this description.
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Capcho: Hats from Kathmandu!

The originality of the Capcho cap, beyond its highly sought-after aesthetic effect, is due to its very special manufacturing methods: the Nepalese weaving! The shape and the interlacing of the stitches are freely inspired by the know-how of the mountainous regions of the Himalayas. The brand aims to be authentic and the human dimension is central in the minds of Julie and Aziz, the creators of the brand. Indeed, it is in a workshop in the Kathmandu valley that each beanie is hand-made with a real desire to keep the traditions alive. Wearing a Capcho hat means enjoying the warmth of distant cultures!

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Capcho caps are available here, at Headict

The designation of Headwear Nepalurban underlines the brand's ability to meet a Western need, linked to our lifestyles and leisure activities. The choice of an ultra soft acrylic knit lined with fleece will comfort city dwellers in need of coziness. Above all the combination of bright, modern colours that attracted our attention, the diverse range of tastes and personalities is so well represented! Whether ski hat or the Lifestyle beanie, the pompoms make a point of brightening up these caps and giving them a truly original style. Our Capcho beanies are available for women, men and children.

Capcho beanies are available in different styles and patterns, in order to meet all needs. Headict has selected beanies for all tastes. Shop now and get yours at the best price.