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Discover our selection of Patagonia caps. Patagonia is a Californian brand specialized in outdoor equipment since 1972. Very dedicated to the environment, the brand appeals to nature lovers in search of discoveries and new experiences.
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Our selection of Patagonia hats

The Patagonia caps have a little retro feel that is totally trendy, and that's without a doubt why they are so successful. Indeed, the brand has kept its logo, as well as its own designs for the past 30 years. Therefore, every Patagonia product has a vintage but timeless touch. Headict selected various Patagonia caps, each one more beautiful than the last. The selection includes different colours, as well as the brand's flagship product: the trucker cap. It is without a doubt the perfect cap for any season. We recommand it for its technical and aesthetic qualities, and its ability to satisfy even the most demanding hat enthusiasts.

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The Patagonia cap for you

The famous Patagonia trucker cap is made with a ventilated part on the back, which allows it to be worn whatever the season. This product offers you an effective protection against the sun. The most frequently found colours in the Patagonia collection are grey, turquoise blue, navy blue, but also grey or apple green. Some camo prints are also available on our webshop. The brand offers cap for both women's and men's, in a large variety of sizes. Everyone can find on Headict the perfect hat. The Patagonia logo is sewn on every cap. You can opt for the design you prefer the most, whether it is the name of the brand, the shape of a fish or a bear. It's up to you to choose the Patagonia cap that suits you and that will enhance your personal style. 

Patagonia beanies: an ecological and responsible approach

Since 1996, the brand has been working exclusively with organic cotton and guarantees wool gathered from animal-friendly farms, notably thanks to the "Traceable down" label. The preservation of wild spaces is Patagonia's continuous commitment. This is why 1% of their turnover is donated to environmental associations. Originally, Patagonia manufactured equipment for climbers. The brand advocates for a minimalist, simple lifestyle and wishes to develop functional products. The Patagonia cap is resistant because the brand wants to create durable articles in order to minimize pollution and their environmental impact. Patagonia caps are made of wool which has an ethical guarantee. The colourful and diversified universe of the brand is a reflection of the outdoors. With Patagonia hats, choose to protect the environment!