Rabbit felt hat
Rabbit felt: a pure and sensual symbol of luxury! Its sophistication lies in its manufacturing process, which gives the hat an exceptional quality. There is no doubt that the rabbit felt hat is the Rolls Royce of headwear!
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  • €104.00 - €279.00

The secret of felt hats

If a hat is distinguished at first glance by its shape, its material is also very important. More accessible than beaver fur, which is becoming scarcer, rabbit felt is much softer and more waterproof than wool felt. To make a hat, rabbit hair is first stirred together and then subjected to the bastissage stage, which allows it to adhere to what will become the cap. The hat in the making is then immersed in boiling water. Compressed with the help of a bell, it then begins to take its final shape before the final finishing touches such as dyeing and labelling of the edges and head.

Our selection of rabbit felt hats

For both men and women, the rabbit felt hat embodies elegance. Your Headict store has a wide selection of felt hats. Historical brands such as Fléchet or Borsalino specialise in this type of hat. The Italian millinery Doria 1905 also shows a high degree of finesse. The Anglo-Saxon know-how is not to be outdone in terms of craftsmanship. Across the Atlantic, Stetson or Bailey compete in style and contrasts. As for the legendary brand Christys, it has been a reference of English style since 1773.