Béton Ciré

Béton Ciré - Beanies and Mikis

Béton Ciré has been founded by two French designers.
Béton Ciré - Miki hats and docker hats - Shop on Headict.
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In 2013, they bring in the fashion industry a small Breton cap called "Miki". This particular hat was originally worn by fishermen who preferred to keep their ears bare to hear the sound of the wind. Béton Ciré draws its creativity from the sea. Its name is a reference to the traditional yellow coat worn by sailors to protect themselves from the rain. "Béton" (concrete) refers to the urban spirit. As a matter of fact, the miki hat is definitely a streetstyle accessory. Béton Ciré has largely succeeded in modernizing this very short cap by integrating the adjustable leather velcro at the back and by using materials close to denim and in trendy colours.