Docker beanie

Docker beanie - Fisherman Beanie Hat

The docker beanie is undoubtedly the key accessory of this season. A large range of docker beanie models is available on Headict, with various shapes and colours.
Docker Beanie, Docker Marine Beanie & Miki - Headict
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The docker beanie, get yours now!

The sailor's cap, also known as docker cap, Miki cap, docker beanie or fisherman beanie hat, has been underrated for a long time. It has been indeed dethroned by the very trendy looser shapes and larger tassel caps. Nonetheless, the famous Miki cap has gained ground and is now also part of the inner circle of trendy headwear. In fact, the fisherman beanie has its own very special shape. While the fashionable caps used to be rather loose, the docker beanie looks very different. It fits the shape of the head and shows a tiny lapel. Some docker beanies are very short, and do not completely cover the ears. It is rather placed on the top of the head.

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The docker beanie, for both men and women

Originally, the docker beanie was worn by male sailors. But time changed and now, the docker beanie is worn by both men and women. Headict offers you models suitable for anyone. Due to a large collection of docker beanies on Headict, you'll have a hard time making a choice. Brands specialised in sailor's hats are Barts, Mackie, but also Obey and Stetson. They are exclusively top-of-the-range brands, well known for the quality of their fabrics and know-how. Therefore, your docker beanie will last forever! Furthermore, a good-quality hat is able to keep you warm and to protect you from bad weather.

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A colourful selection of docker beanies

This model will probably become a must-have. Owing to its very interesting avant-garde look, the docker beanie makes your outfit stand out. Headict offers you to find the sailor's cap of your dreams, thanks to the large choice available in this section. You will be able to find different shades of grey and black, for those who wish to buy a rather understated Miki cap. Those who are looking for intense colours and extravagant looks can opt for red, burgundy, orange, turquoise or royal blue docker beanie. The possibilities are endless!