Headict Collection

Headict Collection

Inspired by the street, music, culture... and people around us, the Headict Collections offer original creations in exclusive and limited editions. Result of meeting with artists, the exclusives collaborations make the headwear a new means of expression. From now on, design, logo, typo & illustrations get hold of your caps through professional digital embroidery and leather patchs laser-etched. Be unique, by wearing your own colours.At Headict’s shop or online only.
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We’re all local people in our own way, somewhere in the world… That’s why we’re proud to customize each cap by the piece, according to your desires in our workshops near us, in France. Your cap or you beanie begins a unique product. A local personalization on demand allows us to limit too our burden on the environment by adjusting production and ensure speed, quality and flexibility. A unique product, quality with a reduced environmental impact.
You got to do the story now…


We have been looking for the solution for four years. Through chance encounters, with perseverance and thanks to the new technologies, interfaced to the web, we can today giving life to your creations in a few days, on demand and at a very reasonable cost. Professional digital embroidery or laser engraving with surgical precision on real leather patchs.
Set your creativity free on your favorite medium.


With internet, the world is not limited to the borders anymore. No matter if you’re from Paris or Sidney, black or white, sitting at a Starbuck in Manhattan or a hut in Timbuktu, if your plan for tomorow is to skating, drawing working or dancing…
You’re creative and want to share your story ? Feel free to contact us for the next headict Collection.