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If you are nostalgic of golden times or you like to stand out with an original and colourful cap, you need a vintage cap! Reviving the distinctive aesthetics of a certain time, it will make a statement.
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  • €24.00 - €50.00

The vintage cap, a cutting-edge trend

Fashion is a perpetual renewal and what used to be popular and has been forgotten strongly comes back years or decades after among the most sophisticated in order to stand out from the crowd. At Headict, we identify new trends to offer you vintage caps inspired from different times and styles to complete your outfits, for all vintage lovers to be pleased.

Great outdoors, Baseball teams and other vintage caps

Large colourful patches inspired in the aesthetics of tourism posters from decades ago are trendy nowadays, decorating New Era caps in a series celebrating the most famous USA States, as well as some caps from the Picture range or the First Track special series honouring ski resorts by Headict.

Admirers of the US culture will love the ’47 brand special series reviving old logos from the best American sports team, whether in baseball, American football or basketball.

Vintage style is always trendy

Whether you go for neon 5 panel caps inspired by the ’80s, a Carhartt cap made of ultra-washed cotton canvas looking like it’s been yours for years or a trucker with a large colourful patch representing an American landscape, you are sure to stand out with a vintage cap. Find the nicest at Headict and achieve an outstanding style!