Boy cap

At the skatepark or at the beach, at the park or on a bike… A cap is essential to protect your child from the sun. On top of that, kids and their parents love the modern style provided by a well-chosen cap to their daily outfits.

US style with the boys caps from Headict

If your preteen loves to wear the same cap as his preferred athletes or stars, take it easy with the large New Era caps offer from the Headict store. 3D embroidered with the NY initials honouring the New York Yankees baseball team, these authentic American caps are available in various shapes and colour combinations: trucker with breathable mesh at the back, curved peak for a dynamic style…

On an adventure, with a superhero cap

Your tiny tot dreams about camping in the forest with wolves and bears, or imagines intergalactic fights with his preferred superheroes? Choose a boy cap fitting his tastes and make it easy to convince him to wear his cap. Well protected from the harmful sun rays, he will be pleased to proudly show a roaring dino, the Superman logo, a fun pattern inspired by the wild outdoors or a Dragon Ball embroidery.

Matching his surfer, skater, athlete or rock star style, find the ideal cap for your child in the unique Headict selection and enjoy wonderful days outdoors knowing that all the family remains well protected.