The Quiet Life

A small brand from Los Angeles inspired by art, design and skate, The Quiet Life offers a distinct, sometimes quirky perspective and colourful hats to those who like to stand out.
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Californian origins and youth culture

Created in the ’90s by Andy Mueller, the American brand The Quiet Life inherits the culture from its teenage years connected to BMX, skate and music. When becoming a photograph and opening his own design studio, Andy decides to apply his perspective on apparel as well, to offer something different from the mainstream brands: The Quiet Life is born, a brand he manages at the same time as his work for various skateboard brands such as Girl, Chocolate and Lakai.

An open-air art galery

Constantly looking for new artistic horizons bringing a different light on our times, The Quiet Life is a lot more than a clothing brand: we could consider it as an open-air art gallery, with bold collaborations with photograph artists, painters, designers, etc. which allow you to add sense to your daily outfits.

Favouring local manufacturing

The most classic hats from the small Californian brand The Quiet Life are made in the USA with quality fabrics and refined details. The 5 panel caps from The Quiet Life are often collector pieces which value lasts and beautiful hats you’ll be proud to wear every day.

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