Les chapeaux de la marque canadienne Tilley sont garantis à vie. Résistants, fonctionnels et toujours pourvus des meilleures innovations techniques, ils vous protègent contre les éléments et garantissent votre confort en plein air.
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Sun protection and water-repellent hats for life outdoors

Whatever your projects for the day, sailing trip, hike in the mountains or a stroll at the beach, the Tilley hats ensure that you enjoy nature without suffering the adverse effects, preserving you against sun burns thanks to their UPF 50+ fabric. Besides, the upper fabric of the hat has a water-repellent finish to endure light rain.

Tilley hats : bucket hats and fedora which float on the water !

Founded in 1980, the Tilley brand was designed for sailors, which is why Tilley hats offer water buoyancy, for you to have a chance to catch yours if it flies away. But since these sun hats are all geared with a chin cord, it probably won’t happen!

A breathable hat for durable comfort

If you take the Tilley hat hiking to protect yourself from the sun, you’ll enjoy its moisture transfer properties: all geared with a comfort band and a moisture-wicking lining, they keep you pleasantly dry and fresh despite the warmth and your efforts. 

The large golden or black metal eyelets are a trademark feature from the brand and provide enhanced ventilation.

Finally, the Tilley Airflo range displays a mesh insert on the upper part of the hat, providing added breathability. Light and flexible, those hats are extremely comfortable and should satisfy all those considering sun protection as a daily essential.

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