Nebelkind cap

Nebelkind is a brand of caps that draws its inspiration from street and hip hop culture.
Nebelkind cap - Headict

A collection of caps inspired by Hip Hop

Nebelkind caps are available in several colors, from the most classic to the most flashy: grey, navy blue, black, green, red, etc. The name of the Nebelkind brand can be translated as “the child of the fog” in German, it is visible shortened to its consonants and embroidered on the side in a discreet way or in large bold letters centered on the front of the cap. Nebelkind caps are unisex, men, women and children will find what they are looking for. The caps can be adjusted thanks to a snapback system at the back. The brand regularly pays tribute to the culture of Berlin through collaborations that show the inimitable charm of the European capital of urban fashion. By wearing Nebelkind's two-tone and two-material snapback caps, we are looking for both originality and comfort for a fun and slightly provocative look.

Nebelking, the cap that will bring you happiness

Nebelkind caps are made to keep you on trend in the urban jungle. These are message caps that can be changed according to the atmosphere of the evening or the mood of the day. You can play gangster with friends or be totally offbeat during a crazy evening. The patterns, sometimes classic, sometimes nostalgic, catch the eye, always with reminders on or under the visor. Discover our selection of Nebelkind snapback caps on our shop, you will necessarily find the one that suits you.

The references are eclectic and sometimes philosophical. They come as much from classic 17th century painting as the 7 works of mercy, or from the 90s with the world of gaming which brings back good memories. Everyday objects are diverted like the cat raising its paw considered a lucky charm on a snapback (!). The patterns are always original and fun, such as barbed wire, dollars, a Berlin metro map, Kebab designs, printed cassettes, pills, or puzzles.

Sophisticated Street snapback caps

The collection of Nebelkind snapback caps is a clever mix of colors and patterns, for an always surprising contrast. Designers have an eye for detail. We can see elements such as leather patches, sophisticated prints, elegant satin under the visor, Velcro straps, etc., in addition to the perfectly mastered use of complex materials such as suede.

Nebelkind snapback caps want to make a difference in the world of snapback. The brand insists on using very high quality products, and advocates sustainable manufacturing. Each cap is unique thanks to a registered model of visor with the right thickness: it is worn slightly raised for a hip hop style. Nebelkind creates, in addition to headwear, sunglasses, ready-to-wear, and accessories.