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Long beanie - oversize beanie

The oversized or long beanie is the headwear trend for men and women who never neglect their style! Find at Headict the perfect long beanie. This accessory will keep you warm in style.
Men's and women's long beanie, oversize beanie, slouchy beanie - headict
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Opt for a long beanie available at Headict

This long beanie can be worn every day, in any situation and with every outfit. As a true fashion accessory for the stylish city dweller, it fits both men and women. Wool or acrylic, in sober or flashy colours, with or without a pompom, discover our selection.

If you are looking for a useful and warm long beanie, then choose the knit beanie. It is comfortable and easy to wear. We recommend it to winter sports addicts who want to complete their ski or snowboard equipment. 

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The long beanie trend, a timeless style

Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt or David Beckham have made the long beanie trendy and timeless. Oversize beanies can be found on the heads of the most stylish stars. Worn with a simple white tee shirt or chequered shirt, it's guaranteed to be a hit!

Find on Headict the perfect long beanie for men, women and kids at the best price. Check out our collection and get yours now!