Stetson Cap

Stetson cap - Hatteras and Beret.

The American brand Stetson has been founded 150 yeas ago and knows perfectly out to create high-quality caps and hats. The most famous Stetson design is probably the 8-sides shape Irish Hatteras cap, made of beautiful fabrics.
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Stetson, an iconic American brand

Stetson is founded in the United States in 1860. The brand became famous and successfull when its creator introduced waterproof and durable felt hats designed for Colorado gold rush prospectors. Stetson quickly became the world's largest hat manufacturer with worldwide recognition.

In addition to wide-brimmed hats, the brand offers Stetson hats to suit the needs and tastes of its customers. They are designed with the same care and respect for quality and come in different shapes and materials.

Discover the Timeless Stetson caps

Stetson caps come in many shapes: the flat Stetson cap, the Stetson Glensfalls with its duckbill shape where the visor is integrated into the material and the baseball cap with its sporty shape. The Hatteras cap is the brand's flagship product, with its eight-sided design. Its shape originated in Ireland, where it was made of wool tweed. If you have a rather thin face or a smaller head, the Brooklin Stetson cap, its cousin with 6 panels, may also be suitable.

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Stetson takes great care in the creation of his caps. A skilled workforce in Germany makes each model by hand in several stages. The material and fabrics of your Stetson cap is cut and sewn by a seamstress, then a lining is added for extra comfort and a visor. The model is then inserted on a wooden mould called a hat block and treated by steam bath to assume exactly the shape you want. Finally, decorative elements such as leather loops or metal badges are added, always by hand by a craftsman.

A hatteras Stetson cap made of warm and water-repellent wool tweed

In winter, keep your head warm with natural insulating materials such as wool tweed, cashmere or silk. The advantage of tweed, combined with other fibres or not, is that it is water-repellent and protects you from light showers. In plain, mottled, checked or patchwork colours, you can choose between a Hatteras Stetson tweed cap in an original or more classic style.

A Setson leather beret with a warm authentic style

Stetson leather beret models are also well suited to winter and the off-seasons. Stetson offers leather Hatteras caps in a variety of designs, each one more beautiful than the next. The most luxurious? Lamb or goat. They are soft, supple and warm. Pig leather and cowhide are tough and have a more rustic look that will appeal to those who like an authentic style.

A linen or cotton summer Stetson cap

Welcome the sunny days and protect yourself from the sun with a summer Hatteras Stetson cap in multicoloured cotton, or prefer a light linen model. Stetson innovates and even offers us a version in toyo straw with a vintage look that causes a stir. It's up to you to choose the Hatteras Stetson cap model that suits your needs and your style. Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any doubts!