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What could be better than a women straw hat to protect you from the sun and the heat? In order to fully enjoy the summer months, you need the perfect accessory. The women straw hat offers maximum comfort and maximum style. Ladies, this summer, choose the straw hat! It is one of the trendiest accessories of the moment. Besides, we offer a large range of straw products, so you can choose the one that fits your style. White, beige or black, Fedora, trilby or Panama style, select the women straw hat that matches your personality and your size! On Headict, enjoy the best prices and the 48-hours delivery.
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Women's straw hat: the different styles available at Headict

At Headict, we offer the widest choice of accessories. This is why you will find women straw hats in different styles:

  • The large straw hat for women, the capeline: whether black, white, beige, pink or white, this women straw hat is the top of elegance and chic. Besides, the capeline protects your head and shoulders from the sun, this is why we highly recommend it.
  • The trilby women straw hat: it is perfect for a beach look. The trilby is one of the timeless hats. In other words, it never goes out of fashion!
  • The Fedora: what could be more elegant than a Fedora women straw hat? If you are looking for a chic and trendy accessory, go for the straw hat in a Fedora style. In black, beige or patterned, it highlights and sublimates your outfit.
  • The straw boater hat: like the trilby, the boater hat is very casual. It is the perfect country hat.
  • The Panama straw hat: here is another very elegant hat for women. It is available in multiple designs here, at Headict.

Discover the best brands of women straw hats

Our selection of women straw hat is the widest of the Internet. Capeline, Fedora, Panama or boater, the choice is yours! To help you find the perfect women straw hat, we provide you with the best brands available on the market. Opt for a Brixton women straw hat: it is a sound investment. You certainly know the Stetson brand, famous for its cowboy accessories. Did you know that Stetson also designs women straw hats?

Other renowned brands are available at Headict: Seeberger, Céline Robert, but also M by Fléchet. We encourage you to discover the different high-quality women straw hats created by these designers.