Buff : Neckwarmer, headband, scarf and more

A buff is your everyday companion during the cold months of winter. This distinctive scarf, or neckwarmer, protects you from the wind, the sun and the cold. Buff fabric is made of microfibres and dries very quickly. This Buff product is also multifunctional. In fact, there are almost 10 different ways to wear it! It's up to you to invent new ones! Discover right now the Buff collection at Headict and get a 48-hours delivery.
Buff : Neckwarmer, headband, scarf and more
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Buff, more than just a neckwarmer

The Buff brand offers a winter accessory that is practical, unique, creative and of high quality. Ideal for sports enthusiasts, it can be worn during your daily run or for your mountain walks. A Buff neck warmer is essential. You can use it to protect your face during bad weather, to cover your nose, as earmuffs, as a beanie or even as a bandana. You can style and arrange this multifunctional neck warmer as you wish, according to your needs.

Buff: quality accessories

Made of an elastic micro-fibre fabric, the Buff neckwarmer keeps you warm and dries quickly. Discover our selection of neck warmers, different models and colours are available. Soon you won't be able to go without this must-have. Five collections are available on our website.

Find the perfect Buff accessory at the best price

Headict wants you to get the perfect Buff accessory. To do so, we offer you the best prices on the Internet. Every Buff product available at Headict is affordable. So you can shop it right now. Moreover, we know that you can't wait to wear your Buff neckwarmer. This is why we offer you an express delivery. Get your order in 48 hours!