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Herman Hats - Herman Headwear

The brand Herman headwear was born in Belgium in 1874. Herman brand felt hats, straw hats, caps, beanies and berets are renowned for their variety and affordability.
Herman Hats - Herman Headwear
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The Origin of Herman Hats: a Globe Trotting Hatter

At the end of the 19th century, Justin Herman, a young Frenchman from the Ardennes, went on a world tour. For three years, his mission was to learn the profession of hatmaking. Because of the arrival of the railways and the development of tourism, this Belle Epoque observer was certain of the bright future of the hat. The Herman flat caps available on Headict are characterized by pastel colours or patchwork combinations, with a very fresh yet comfortable style. You will also find real Panama hats or Herman felt hats.

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A Herman Cap for You

The Herman brand offers a surprisingly great diversity of patterns. Since its first creation nearly a century and a half ago, the Herman hat shop has also been able to renew itself. Herman has managed to move along with the times and fashion and keep a very trendy side. However, many other hatmakers had not managed to succeed the way Herman has. In addition to the famous berets available in different styles at Headict, you will find on our webshop caps, hats and other beanies, each as stunning as the next. The Herman cap is available in different styles and fabrics (warm textiles for the winter and fine fabric for the summer).

The Herman hat, for all seasons!

Discover the wide variety of Herman hats! The straw hats are particularly elegant and perfect for the summer months. Protect yourself from the sun while staying fashionable is now possible, thanks to the Herman brand. The straw hats can also be worn with a casual outfit. In that case, it brings an elegant touch to the final look. Choose the Herman hat that suits you, according to your current mood and outfit of the day!

A Herman cap for the Winter Months

Are you looking for a hat able to protect you from rain, wind and snow ? Choose the Herman hat then! It can also keep you warm during the wintertime. The Herman hat is available in a large choice of rather neutral colours. This particular model is suitable for many outfits. With or without a pompom, as a beanie or in slightly more fitted models., it's up to you! We are sure that you will love the quality of the fabrics. Thanks to their durability, your Herman hat will last forever!