Five panel blank

Plain 5-Panel Cap

A 5-panel cap is made of 5 panels of fabric assembled together: two on the sides, one panel at the front, and two panels on the top. This particular shape makes the cap softer, more streamlined, and also shallower. We have selected plain 5-panel caps that you can customize through our dedicated tool. Create now the perfect 5-panel cap and enjoy a high-quality accessory made by Headict.
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What is a 5-panel cap?

The 5-panel cap has 5 panels sewn in a particular way. Most 5-panel caps have a visor in a different material than the rest of the cap such as suede, velvet or even wood. This flat-shaped cap is the ultimate skater cap and was very popular among rappers in the 80s and the 90s. Nowadays, the 5-panel cap is trendy and timeless. 

Get your plain 5-panel caps customized right now!

Are you looking for a unique accessory that fits your style? Then opt for a plain 5-panel cap customized. 

The customization process also concerns sports teams, associations or businesses that are looking for a corporate accessory that brings people together. Headict has created a user-friendly customization tool. Choose the plain 5-panel cap you like the most, the patch colour and the patch form, then customize it with a logo or a text. You can also choose the engraving or embroidered technique, and the perfect typography. 

Easy and easy to use, our customizing tool allows you to create a unique accessory. Check out our selection of plain 5-panel caps right now! Headict creates your customized cap in 7 to 10 days.