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Cayler and Sons: cap, beanie and hat Cayler and Sons

The brand that's both popular and different is Cayler and Sons. German by origin but American by heart and inspiration, Cayler is inspired by the world of American hip hop and the values of the urban lifestyle.
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A Cayler and Sons Cap: Put Hip Hop First!

The Cayler and Sons snapback cap: which is the brand's original accessory, is inspired by several elements, the main one being hip hop. The shape of the hip hop caps has been reworked to evoke this legacy with innovative designs that replace the traditional visuals. With its striking messages and logos designed to shock and reflect a spirit of rebellion in the face of society's norms, Cayler and Sons was born out of a desire to stand out from the crowd. The themes that are at the heart of hip hop music, often money and drugs, are therefore taken up and used as a reference value.

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For Hat-lovers, by Hat-lovers!

The Cayler snapback wins the support of all those to whom the lyrics of hip hop songs speak to them. In our shop you will find a large selection of Cayler and Sons snapbacks and beanies. The CRAY, BKLYN, Paris, and ASAP models are available. We like Cayler & Sons for the attention to detail: the logo printed under the visor, the labels or embroidery on the side or back. Full of small details that clearly distinguish their products from other brands. Cayler does not stop at snapbacks! With a Cayler and Sons cap or beanie, you can represent hip hop no matter what the weather is like!