Sustainable fabrics and colourful patterns with Hello Hossy

Sustainable fabrics and colourful patterns with Hello Hossy

This season, the Hello Hossy brand uses sustainable fabrics on all its collection, with the same modern and fun style which pleases adults and kids alike.

casquette enfant Hello Hossy

Organic cotton Hello Hossy caps : a soft and sustainable option

Smooth and breathable, organic cotton is a very comfortable fabric which is ideal for children’s caps. Grown pesticide free and with reasonable amounts of water, this fibre is non-toxic for the soils and the farmer’s health, as well as for the one wearing the hat. 

The Curve Mini organic cotton caps from the French brand Hello Hossy are declined in 3 adjustable sizes for babies, toddlers and kids, in three colours. Their elegant two coloured combination as well as the ‘Cool Kids Only’ patch give a refined style to this pretty hat, available for €29.90.

casquette enfant coton bio

Durable and colourful : the recycled polyester caps

Recycled polyester avoids plastics such as water bottles or polyester garments to end up in landfills. This durable fabric dries quickly and wicks moisture away. The Hello Hossy caps for children use a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton for a softer feel.

This season, Hello Hossy brings charming new patterns. Some have a vintage flair such as the Terrazo geometric print, reminding of Calder’s mobiles, the Stripes with multicoloured stripes or the romantic flowers from the Vintage Flowers cap. All are sold for €29.90 in the Headict store.

The camo print will give a trendy touch to the kids’ outfits, while the Jungle and Venice beach hats will please the little adventurers thanks to their colourful and lively patterns.

The whole family will enjoy summer well protected from the sun and with a modern and relaxed style, thanks to the new 100% sustainable collection from the young brand Hello Hossy, already available in the Headict online store