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Because they are mandatory or because you want to take precautions in order to avoid spreading epidemics, protection masks are an essential accessory to carry everywhere with you. Remember to let one in the car as well!
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Sanitary masks designed for everyday life

You have decided to invest into one or various reusable face masks: congratulations! There are more sustainable and cheaper in the long run than disposable masks, but as efficient to protect those around you and avoid the spread of epidemics. Those you’ll find in the masks department of the Headict online store are made with care of comfortable and breathable fabrics. Some can fit an additional filter, while other have a specific shape which is ideal if you wear glasses. Finally, those impregnated with an antibacterial treatment neutralise the development of unpleasant smells.

The facial mask you need

Because a mask is an additional barrier making communication difficult, Headict offers masks with prints adapted to your tastes, style and mood. Forget the stress and share your happy mood with a polka dots or flower print mask and, why not, match your mask to your cap, beanie or the rest of your outfit. Make sure to secure various masks in order to always keep one at hand and be able to wash them regularly and take care of you and the ones around you being responsible.