Snood, tube scarf for men and women

Are you looking for the perfect accessory to keep your neck warm during winter months ? Then shop on Headict a soft and trendy snood. The snood is warm, stylish and comfortable so it can completely protect you from the cold. Get your now on our webshop!
Snood, tube scarf for men and women - Headict
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The Snood, more than a simple accessory

The snood is way more practical than the traditional scarf. In fact, you just have to put it on like an infinite scarf. But you can also wear it around your head to be protected from the rain or snow! This rather thick tube, called a snood, infinite scarf or tube scarf is elegant, stylish and very useful during winter months. Made of wool or fake fur, this distinctive scarf will enhance your outfits with style and originality. A large choice of snoods is available on our website. You can choose from major brands such as Barts, Passigatti, Coal, or Chillouts. Very comfortable and easy to wear, the snood is a must-have. Choose the snood that fits your style now, on Headict. 

The snood, a both feminine and masculine trend

At the beginning, the snood was mostly worn by women. But those times have changed. Headict have selected the most masculine and beautiful snoods. Men particularly appreciate the fact that this accessory is practical, easy to wear, and very useful. The snood keeps you warm, is easy to put on and can also be worn during sports sessions. In fact, the snood is perfect for winter sports practice, which makes it very versatile. The traditional scarf can be difficult to put on and has a tendency to unroll itself. Moreover, it is not as warm as the snood, which is why it is also appreciated by men. 

Headict selected a wide range of snoods for men. Choose between the designs available and get the perfect winter accessory. 

The snood for women a real must-have

Nowadays the snood has become a very trendy and feminine accessory. It can be worn with any types of outfits, whether rock, classic, bohemian or street. On Headict, find out multiple designs like fur snood, the perfect accessory to keep you warm during the cold months. In short, you'll never get tired of it.

The snood has become one of the must-have winter accessories, thanks to its aesthetic and technical qualities. Headict offers you a complete range of snoods for women and men, with discreet or more sophisticated colors, both in woven and knitted wool. In addition to knitted fabrics, you will also find particularly warm fleece snood models, ideal for mountain lovers who want to feel comfortable when indulging in their favorite winter sports. The big trend of the moment, enjoy discovering the snood of your dreams via Headict.