French beret

French beret

The beret is the traditional headwear of the French Basque Country. Discover the French beret here on Headict
French beret, basque beret, parisian beret for men and women on Headict.
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The real French beret, a fashion icon

The French beret has been popular over the years. Here at Headict we have selected French brands famous for their know-how for and high-quality level such as Le Béret Français or Laulhère. On our shop, you will find many designs and colours both for men and women. The French beret is made of wool, hence it is warm and soft. Moreover, the French beret is versatile, so you can wear it your way. The French beret help you stand out!

Choose the French beret shape that fits you perfectly

Contrary to what is usually thought, the French beret does not exist in only one design. On Headict you will find alternatives to the classic, timeless and original shape. Find out on Headict a knit or angora French beret. Opt for the shape and style you like the most. In fact, for a modern look, you can choose a loose French Beret that looks like a beanie. In any case, with this accessory, you can be sure not to make a mistake, as this type of French beret for men or women is timeless. Vintage accessories are more fashionable than ever.

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French beret available in a wide range of colours

On our web store Headict you will find a wide range of colours, which of course vary from classic shades such as black, navy blue or red, to other brighter colours such as fuchsia, purple, electric blue, yellow, apple green or emerald green. In other words, you'll have enough choice to buy a French beret for each of your outfits. Most of the brands selected by Headict are made in France, so you can be sure to order a high-quality long-lasting French beret. This unique accessory can be worn by men and women alike. Moreover, it will protect you effectively from bad weather!