Le Béret Français

Le Béret Français- Berets made in France - online shop.

In English, "Le Béret Français" means "The French Beret", which is a very sober name for this kind of high-quality brand. Made in Laas, a small village nestled in the Pyrenes Mountains, le Béret Français did not steal its name. The passionate people who pass on their craft from generation to generation dedicate themselves to meticulous and authentic craftsmanship. Get the perfect Le Béret Français hat and enjoy an express delivery by placing your order at Headict.
Le Béret Français - Berets made in France - online shop
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Le Béret Français: a renowned brand

Products made in France are renowned for their high-quality level, and this is precisely the case with Le Béret Français accessories. The brand is part of this great tradition of French-style clothing with ancestral know-how. The brand caps are high-end products with timeless looks. Le Béret Français offers versatile hats available in a multitude of colours such as grey, black, navy blue, to brighter tones such as fuchsia, mustard yellow, bottle-green, and many others. Thanks to the Le Béret Français colours palette, you can choose between many headpieces the hat that fits your style and your different looks. 

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Le Béret Français creates timeless accessories

Le Béret Français products are the result of a real passion born in the Basque Country, which is truly the region of the beret. From the heights of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the creators of the brand designed then manufactured accessories that are still on the market today. Opting for Le Béret Français can be an excellent gift idea, especially given the quality of these products, but also for their style. Today, the beret is part of an ancestral tradition of French chic, and this is not about to stop. Male or female, you can wear a beret of the Le Béret Français brand, whether you have a very classic or rather whimsical style. There's nothing like playing with dress codes to create a look all your own, bending the rules and playing with your creativity.