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Accessories with an eclectic style, often made in Italy and always with a lot of care: this is what the Manufacture Textile Méridionale, founded 75 years ago in the Basque Country, offers.
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Natural fabrics and european making

Favouring natural fabrics such as linen and cotton for many products, as well as an original design bringing colour to your daily outfits, the docker beanies, caps and hats from the Manufacture Textile Méridionale offer an excellent quality/price ratio and a strong dose of creativity.

Based in France in the Basque Country, the Manufacture Textile Méridionale makes some products in its Italian workshop and in other European countries. The creative team, with pattern makers and seamstresses, ensures the accessories presented each season follow the latest trends.

Skills based on a 75 year old experience

What makes the MTM accessories so special is their ‘bien aller’, meaning their perfect fit, which will have you feel confident and at ease when wearing your hat or cap. Whether with a traditional or innovating style, the unique hats from the Manufacture Textile Méridionale are made with a great quality requirement and appreciated everywhere in the world.

Find the best hats, linen docker beanies and original caps in the MTM selection brought by Headict and enjoy all year long elegant accessories that will have you stand out!