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Barts - beanies and trappers hat

Discover the Dutch brand Barts and its large collection of must-have beanie, trapper hats, headbands, gloves and scarves for men, women and children! Shop your favourite Barts hat on Headict.
Barts - Beanies and trapper hats on Headict
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Headict, the largest selection of Barts beanies

Sober or colourful, with or without a pompom, with or without fur, ski or city hats, this winter you won't go out without your Barts hat. Warm and comfortable, Barts beanies and trapper hats come in many colours and patterns. You can also adopt the complete Barts look with hat-glove-scarf combination, or make up your own. More than 300 models are available on our web store Headict.

Barts: original and high-quality hats

Besides its high-quality level, the Dutch brand Barts knows how to surprise us every year with a unique collection of winter accessories. Originality and quality are the key-words of the Barts brand!

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Barts beanies will quickly become an essential item in your wardrobe. Barts hats are must-have created to keep your ears warm in style, on cold days!

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