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We can celebrate, the Snapback is back! It was very fashion in the 90's and it is the current must-have! 
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The origins of the snapback cap

Extremely popular all around the world, the American snapback cap tells a real story. Did you know that its name came from its locking system? The snapback cap was born during the 1930s. At that time, Babe Ruth, an American baseball legend, was very found of his flat-brimmed cap. The first baseball cap manufacturer was the E.Koch Company, today known as the New Era Company. Does this name ring a bell? This is how baseball fans adopted the snapback cap. Then, this particular hat seduced other team sports such as basketball, hockey and even American football.

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In the 80s / 90s, the snapback was mainly worn by urban music lovers. Many artists have adopted this accessory to make it the symbol of their art, creating a real fashion. In 2012 the snapback cap made a comeback on the heads of American rap stars. Today, it is the symbol of streetwear culture.

A universal fashion accessory

The snapback cap is not just for team sports fans. Among the many models selected by Headict, many of them express other passions and values and convey other messages. The snapback has been reinventing itself for several years in order to fits all personalities. The snapback cap offers diversity in its fabrics, designs, colours, logos and messages, so anyone can express their personality. Whatever your style, your tastes and your desires are, you will easily find a design that suits you on Headict. 

Get the perfect snapback cap on Headict

Headict selected the best snapback brands, such as Huf, New Era, Djinns, Reell, Barts, Coal, Brixton, Picture or TrueSpin. Moreover, each snapback cap available at Headict is affordable. Place you order, get the best price and enjoy our 48-hours delivery! 

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