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The 5 panel cap, also known as the camp cap, has clearly become the latest headwear trend. Find out on our webshop the widest selection of 5 panels caps, from the biggest streetwear brands to the most exclusive ones. The 5 panel cap is definitely the skaters' favourite cap!
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Headict collection

5 panel cap: Headict's biggest collection of hats

The 5 panel cap is a must-have. In fact, the 5 panel cap is stylish and modern and comes in an endless variety of designs. You will find on Headict printed hats, or 5 panels caps made of tweed, denim of suede. All the best streetwear and headwear brands have their signature 5 panel cap: Obey, Huf, Two Face, RipNDip, Brixton... On Headict.com there are more than 200 styles waiting for you!

What is a 5 panel cap ?

Because it is very easy to wear, comfortable and trendy, the 5 panel cap is a flat cap which is very popular among skaters. Nonetheless, in the beginning, the 5 panel cap is wear by cyclists. As its name suggests, the 5 panel cap is made of 5 major pieces that give its unforgivable look. Are you looking for a headpiece to enhance your outfits and bring a modern touch to your look ? Then opt for the 5 panel cap.

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