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Women's cap: Original and trendy women's caps

The cap is not only for men. In fact, women can also wear it, in order to bring a trendy and casual touch to their outfit. A women cap enhances any kind of looks and protects its owner from the rain or sun. Headict is the best place on the web to find a stylish women's cap. Discover an original, colourful and trendy collection, chosen just for you! Moreover, we offer you a 48-hours delivery and the best prices. Shop now on Headict the perfect women cap!
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Headict collection

A wide choice of women's caps available at Headict

Women caps are not necessarily pink. At Headict, we offer you a wide range of products, so you can choose between beige, burgundy, grey, white, blue or pastel colours. Are you looking for a discrete and neutral women cap ? Then choose a black design, a timeless and trendy accessory. The women cap is easy to wear and complete any outfit. 

Here at Headict, we also offer you a wide choice of colours and designs. You can shop right now a printed women cap for a more casual and quirky look. 

New Era women caps and more available at Headict

The legendary American brand of sports accessories New Era offers caps created exclusively for women. Their New Era Women's collection showcases your favourite sports teams in elegant designs and refined colours. Whether you prefer women's truckers, curve caps or snapbacks, Headict has selected models for you in line with the most recent trends. A large NY Yankees logo embroidered in embossed lettering, or discreet initials in shade-on-shade tones in a more moderate size, it is up to you to choose the style that suits your mood.

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More brands are available at Headict. 47 is another iconic American sport brand. The Clean up curve caps are its bestseller and come in feminine shades and in all rainbow colours. They can be adjusted at the back by a strapback system, so they can fit you perfectly.

Here at Headict, you will also find Brixton women caps. Brixton is a high-quality brand specialized in vintage yet timeless accessories. Brixton offer you retro women caps such as lined fisherman caps made of wool. We have selected other brands: M by Fléchet, Seeberger and Flexfit. All the women cap specialists are available here, on our webshop. 

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The women's cap, a trendy accessory

More and more women are wearing caps. Why? Because the women cap is trendy, easy to wear and suits everyone. Moreover, the women cap can be brought everywhere with you and fits in your handbag. This accessory enhances any outfit, regardless of your style. At Headict, you will find the perfect cap, according to your personality.

A trendy women's cap is also a way to go incognito. It helps you hide your hair if it's not a good hair-day. Moreover, a women cap can protect you from the sun in summer, and from the rain and the cold during the winter months.

Headict offers you a wide choice of women caps

Headict have selected more than 100 brands, from American sports brands to lifestyle labels such as the Californian Brixton or the skate brand Huf. You will also find at Headict as fashion brands such as Djinns and Reell. They are specialized in high-quality women caps.

There are a thousand ways to wear the women cap (or at least 4): the right way round, upside down for the most rebellious, barely on with the visor in the air, or even thoroughly screwed tightly onto your head. That's up to you!

Get now your women cap on Headict!

Headict is specialized in women caps and hats. We selected just for you a large choice of brands and designs, in order to meet your needs. Moreover, we offer you the best price. Find an affordable women cap right now on Headict and enjoy a 48-hours delivery! Get your headpiece as soon as possible, thanks to Headict.