Army cap

Army caps: Military and Cuban-style hats

For a military yet classy look, an army cap is all you need! Discreet and strict, it makes an impression! The ideal cap shape can be found on this page!
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The army cap: a unique style

Largely inspired by the equipments and accessories found in the military universe, the army cap is a simple, effective and straightforward headpiece. With a camouflage print, it became an official headgear of the American army. The khaki army cap reminds us of Fidel Castro or Che Guevara. The army cap is therefore quite original and many people wear it for its unconventional style. Many brands gave created their own army cap. Choose a Stetson Gosper cap that fits the shape of your face. From Cuba to Paris, army caps have surpassed their military and masculine use; everyone lends themselves to the game. In fact, women like its revolutionary and exotic look.

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Army cap: the return of military style

The army cap appeals to those who like extravagant accessories and favour flat, well-fitted caps.

You don't have to wear Rangers shoes or camouflage pants to shop an army cap on Headict! The military cap is also much appreciated by those who admire Che Guevara and wear accessories inspired by the great rebel for a modern guerrilla style! If you prefer a more trendy shape, opt for the Huf 5-panel cap, which is definitely more discreet.