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These are 100% summer hats to enjoy the sun lights and avoid insolation. Choose your visor cap!
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Sports accessory: the visor

What is a visor? It is simply a rigid visor attached at the back of the head by a Velcro system or snap fasteners, with the top of the head still visible. It is an indispensable accessory for sports fanatics who require a good dose of cardio and you will find this visor on the head of most sportsmen and women who practice sport outdoors in overwhelming heat, like tennis players. Very often equipped with an anti-perspiration band, the visor, or sun visor, helps to absorb moisture, protects the face from the blinding rays of the sun and allows the scalp to breathe. The women's visor is particularly popular to avoid an unpleasant sensation of excessive sweating. It is quite simply the most practical accessory for those who live in particularly humid tropical latitudes. For spending a day at the beach, on a golf course, or out walking, the sun visor is ideal for all those who wish to be sheltered from the sun without having their hair messed up afterwards. Easy to carry, it slips neatly into your bag when the sun disappears. And if you want to keep this style for the winter, opt for a visor beanie.

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Women's summer ally

The visor is also a popular accessory for women when the warm seasons return. Indeed, long hair can be a real headache to deal with when the weather is humid or hot. The visor allows you to protect yourself from the sun, prevents sweat from ruining your make-up and lets your hair breathe as the nape of your neck is clear. A sporty accessory that fits into the pocket of all those battling against stifling weather, sporty or not! Also discover on Headict Huf, Brixton, Obey and New Era caps.