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The bucket hat is the perfect summer hat. Once considered as unattractive and old-fashion, the bucket hat for men and women has made an incredible comeback. At Headict, we have selected the best bucket hats at the best price. Shop yours now!
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What is the history of the bucket hat? 

The bucket hat was created in the 1900s for the Irish farmers and fishermen. First, it was a protection against the rain but years later, it became a soldiers hat. At the time, it was used during the Vietnam war to protect soldiers' neck from the sun.

In the 80s, the bucket hat became popular among the hip-hop community up until the 2000s. Rappers such as LL Cool J and Jay-Z worn it proudly. But, at the end of the 2000s, the hype surrounding the bucket hat faded. In fact, it was not as mainstream as other hats and was considered as corny and old-fashion. The bucket hats were even mocked by fashion enthusiasts. 

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But in 2015, the bucket hat makes a great comeback, thanks to Rihanna who worn a M$ x WT bucket hat during a mediatic event. The hat became viral and since then, it is back on track. In summer 2018, designers such as Michael Kors, Chanel and Puma created their own bucket hats.

How to wear a bucket hat without looking dumb?

It is not so easy to wear a bucket hat. In fact, you have to have an eye for fashion. First, the bucket hat must be worn with a casual outfit. It can't be worn with a suit or a dress. However, the bucket hat is highly recommended if you have a streetwear style or an urban style! Then, you have to choose it wisely. Opt for a unique and modern bucket hat, that you will find at Headict. We have selected for our customers multiple designs to choose from. With a modern hat, you are sure to do it right. 

Shop now at Headict the perfect bucket hat and get affordable prices! We offer you designs for men, women and kids.