Top hat

Top hat

The top hat is the chic hat 'par excellence'. Of all the styles still worn today, it was the first to appear, worn by American president Abraham Lincoln when he was elected in 1864, amongst others. The black top hat is a symbol of dignity and respectability. Are you ready to choose yours?
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A top hat, perfect for an event.

It is not known whether Abraham Lincoln hid his important documents in his top hat, or from where the white rabbit comes when the magician waves his magic wand. But let's face it, it has a powerful effect which makes an impression. This is why it is a favourite at weddings, for the groom and for men attending the ceremony.

While this hat is not necessarily easy to wear every day to go to the office or to pick up the kids from school (although, why not…?), it is very suitable for a wedding, a social event or even as a magician's hat!

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