Pork pie hat

Pork pie hat - Buy online pork pie hats.

Are you looking for a hat that says “let’s go to a jazz club !” ? You will love our selection of pork pie hats then !
Pork pie hat - Buy online pork pie hats.
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The inimitable pork pie hat

The cap of the pork pie hat is low and flat at the top. Thanks to its small size, the pork pie hat has a retro and modern touch. This particular hat is easily distinguished from the fedora hat.

How to wear the pork pie hat?

You can wear the pork pie hat at the top of the head (like Walter White from Breaking Bad), or slightly tilted back. The pork pie hat is more casual than a fedora and can be worn by men or women.

The pork pie hat : a must-have

Due to its modern look, the pork pie hat is very popular. Fashionistas love its very original and retro shape. The pork pie hat can be worn with a casual and vintage outfit, for a very trendy look. The pork pie hat will become your favourite hat!

Choose your pork pie hat

In winter, choose a pork pie hat made with a thick fabric. The fur felt pork pie hat will warm you up when it's cold outside! You can also choose a hat with a feather, to create a 70’s look !

The perfect summer hat is the straw pork pie hat ! The black straw pork pie hat is very popular on Headict. Wear it during a walk along the beach, or while enjoying a drink with some friends.

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