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Men and Women summer hat

Protect yourself from the sun in style, by indulging yourself in our summer hat styles for men or women. Sun hats or panama hats, this accessory is a must-have!
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The pleasure of sunbathing with a hat on

If during the winter you prefer woolen or felt hats that protect you from the cold, as soon as the sun is out, you will want to find a nice summer hat that will keep you cool. What a pleasure it is to have one of these straw hats on your head, ultra-fresh, but also very trendy. You will find in our range a very extensive collection of summer hats for women or men, with a multitude of colours and shapes. Whether you want a more feminine or masculine style, discover the range available from Headict.

How to choose your summer hat ?

The summer hat will aim to protect you from the sun, it will be light, easy to wear, fresh but also aesthetic of course, since the goal is still to highlight you. If you're looking for a woman's summer hat, choose a beautiful sun hat, or a small borsalino, or even a bell hat. The famous pork pie is super versatile too. Gentlemen will appreciate, as a men's summer hat, a panama, or a straw Stetson, male designs, which will be perfect to embellish a style whether it be more casual, trendy, or streetwear. The summer hat can be worn in a thousand different ways, and it allows you to be cool during the hottest hours of the day, as well as during happy hour when the sun begins to set. There is no shortage of colours and imagination in the Headict collection!