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Fedora hat for men and women

This charismatic hat suits all styles.The fedora is also called a Borsalino in homage to its creator, the Italian designer Giuseppe Borsalino. Its mythical form has been timeless for decades. The Fedora hat has been seen on the heads of Michael Jackson and the Blues Brothers.
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What is a Fedora hat? 

A Fedora hat is a hat with a pliable brim and indented crown. It is a classic and timeless hat, that can be worn by both men and women. The Fedora hat must not be confused with the trilby, also available at Headict. Unlike the Fedora which is very chic and elegant, the trilby is a more casual hat, that we recommend for urban outfits. Nonetheless, the trilby has the same indented crown and a small brim. 

How to wear a Fedora hat? 

The Fedora hat is an elegant and very chic accessory. Considering this, it must be worn properly. At Headict, we recommend you to choose the perfect size, in order to be comfortable and trendy. Then you have to choose the right brim size. Do you have a round and full face? You should opt for a short brim then. But if you have an egg-shaped face, choose a large-brimmed Fedora hat. 

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Get your Fedora hat now!

At Headict, we offer you a wide range of Fedora Hats. Check out the best brands products and choose yours. 

The brands specialized in Fedora hat manufacturing are Brixton, Barts, Bailey, Seeberger, Borsalino, Göttman and more. Headict has also selected a large variety of colours to choose from. 

We have Fedora hats for both men and women. Shop now the perfect Fedora hat that fits your style and your personality at Headict!