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With its oval shape and flat brims, the boater hat made of straw is the perfect summer hat. The boater hat was Fred Astaire and Maurice Chevalier's favourite headwear. The boater hat was invented in the early 19th century by canoeing enthusiasts from whom it takes its name. Highly appreciated by sportsmen and first worn by men, it was also adopted by women from 1950. This is how the boater hat became the perfect summer hat. Light and inexpensive, the boater hat protects you from the sun without keeping you warm. This stylish accessory is the perfect complement to a casual outfit and will give you an original and modern spring look. Long live the summer straw boater hat!
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The boater hat: the perfect summer accessory

Wearing a boater hat is a bit like looking at Renoir's famous painting, Le Déjeuner des Canotiers (The Luncheon of the Boating Party). As a matter of fact, the straw boater hat has a retro touch that bring an original touch to any outfit. It feels like spring! If you're more of a rocker, opt for its cousin the porkpie with a shorter brim.

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Originally hats for men, boaters hats are now available for women. Trendy brands such as Brixton are specialized in boater hat for women. Discover our selection right now! Shop on Headict and get a 48-hours delivery. Boater hats at the best price are available at Headict.

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