Trilby hat

Trilby hat: Trilby and narrow-brimmed hats

The trilby hat is the trendiest model in our collection. With its modern shape and narrow brim, the trilby hat has a trendy rock look. Find out the perfect hat on Headict.
Trilby hat : Narrow-brimmed hats, Trilby hats, Pork pie hats
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Trilby hat: shop it now on Headict

The trilby hat for men or women is the perfect compromise between the casualness of a cap and the elegance of a hat. Thanks to its narrow brim, it sublimates the silhouette and completes a casual or sophisticated outfit. The wool felt trilby hat is the perfect winter accessory. Choose it in black, grey or brown. Are you looking for a summer headpiece ? Then opt for the straw trilby hat available on Headict. 

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Find out the perfect trilby hat that fits your style

You will find in our shop the best brands of narrow-brimmed hats: Goorin Bros, Stetson, Fléchet.... The trilby hat is suitable for both men and women. It's the perfect everyday headwear. Moreover, you can wear it any time of the year.

The trilby hat is available in several designs. Are you craving for an outfit that says "Rock'n roll!" ? Then opt for the pork pie hat. The pork pie is a stylish trilby hat! Rebels and rock'n roll stars love it.

Unisex fashion and sophisticated rock style are very trendy right now. The trilby hat is therefore very popular. In fact, it has made its comeback and happens to be versatile and easy to wear. You can see on social media Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Lou Doillon or Milla Jovovitch wearing the trilby hat. Moreover, it is very popular amongst young people.

On Headict, you will find the perfect trilby hat that fits your style. It is available in several designs and different colours to meet all needs. You can also choose a patterned trilby hat.