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If you have the soul of an adventurer or you are simply looking for a comfortable, practical and durable men's or women's hat, then you're in the right place! Headict have selected a wide range of traveler hats, in different shapes, colours and patterns, in order to meet our client's needs.
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The perfect traveler hat

If you go on a trip to somewhere warm, or on a safari, a hat will be essential to protect you. You will find among our styles, the Stetson traveler hat or the Coal hat in resistant and airy cotton.

Traveler hats for everyday looks

We also offer rainproof women's hats that you can use as a traveler hat or for everyday wear, in the city or the countryside. It will keep your hair dry, as a complement to an umbrella or worn alone.

The Traveler Hat: an Australian style that you will fall in love with

What characterizes it above all is the traveler hat's inimitable style. It truly reminds us of Australian adventurers, and when we wear it, we feel like one too. The famous traveler hat gives us the feeling of starting out on a journey to far away lands, and this is precisely what it is used for: to travel, sometimes in harsh climates, in the sun, in the jungle, in the swamps, and elsewhere. Its technical characteristics make it a real traveller's accessory that can be relied on to protect you from rain, UV rays, etc. It is the essential element of your future travels to the other side of the world, and in addition to being very useful, it is also very aesthetic, which makes it even more interesting.

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The traveler hat, a way of life

Wearing a traveler hat will immediately give you an adventurous look and make you feel comfortable to tackle any expedition. You'll appreciate the comfort; it was designed to be comfortable to wear, to be forgotten in all circumstances, and to feel at ease wherever you are. Impossible not to feel good in this outdoor hat, perfect for a hike or a fishing trip. It is usually covered with a thin layer of oiled coating, which gives it water-repellent properties. This way, it can withstand humidity and rain while keeping its beautiful shape, and allowing you to stay dry, no matter the elements and the environment you find yourself in. Headict offers you a wide range of Stetson traveler hats and outdoor hats of the same style from other brands, so that you can find what you are looking for.