Winter cap
Caps are not only made for sunny days! They are actually an ideal option to protect yourself from the rain and storms. Made of tweed, Melton wool or waxed leather, winter caps care for your style and comfort.
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Headict collection

Selection criteria for winter caps

To fight harsh climate conditions, you need an insulating cap which can withstand damp. Wool can absorb lots of humidity without providing a wet or cold sensation, it is as well nicely warm. Wool blend fabrics have the additional advantage to dry quickly and be more durable. You’ll find it in many New Era winter caps with a sober elegant style. Some caps have foldable ear protectors which shield you from the wind and ice cold when necessary. Finally, don’t forget the Gore-Tex® caps, which waterproof and breathable membrane offers a fail-proof protection against rain.

Our most beautiful winter caps for men

Displaying and elegant style while insulating your head from the cold is possible, with the winter cap from the Headict special section. Discover dozens of hats selected among the latest trends, such as wonderful, soft and warm corduroy caps as well as wool tweed caps, which peak protect your eyes from the light rain when cycling or walking in town.

Winter caps for the elegant women

Style and thermal comfort go together in the Headict women cap selection for the winter season, and ladies who don’t mean to stay at home when the cold wind blows will be pleased with the large available offer. A grey herringbone cap made of a wool cloth providing timeless elegance, a waxed leather cap to add personality to your informal attires, find your favourite hats at Headict.