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The trucker caps get their name from the American truck drivers. They were also worn by tractor manufacturers and quickly became a communication tool. The t rucker cap is a classic shape with an  adjustment tab and a mesh part at the back, so your head that can breathe! The trucker cap is the cap you need for the summer. Headict has selected a wide variety of shapes and designs. Besides, you will find the best trucker caps brands. Shop now on Headict and enjoy a 48-hours delivery.
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The mythical cap with a mesh part at the back

Baseball players, actors from our 90s series or truckers from American movies, the mesh trucker cap evokes a myth or a cliché in each of us. In any case, wearing a mesh trucker is a bit like going to the US. Whether it's for men or women, the trucker cap is now adopted by everyone. You can recognize a trucker cap by the mesh on the back of the cap. The mesh makes the cap stylish and allows the skin to breathe. The trucker caps are available with a rigid or a curved visor, so you can choose the one that fits your style. The curved visor is more popular than the rigid when it comes to trucker models.

You can also create your own personalized trucker cap by using our customization module, which allows you to add your own special touch.

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Your favorite team's trucker cap

Are you a fan of sports teams such as the Yankees, the Sox, the Raiders, the Bulls, the Redskins and the Huf? Discover right now the trucker caps with team logos on it. Headict has selected the New Era brand, specialized in sport accessories. The brand is known for baseball, basketball, hockey and football caps and offer trucker caps in various shapes and designs. 

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