59Fifty cap

The legendary Brooklyn style 59Fifty cap is a flat visor cap made by New Era. It should not be confused with the snapback hat, which is pretty similar. The 59Fifty cap has been created by New Era only for baseball players in the 50's. The cap is available to the public since the 70's. Do you wish to wear the famous 59Fifty cap ? Then follow our advice: the New Era cap visor must stay straight and the sticker must not be removed !
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The 59fifty cap, the iconic cap

The 59Fifty cap has become over the years an iconic design. Today, fashion models and influencers alike are wearing it. In fact, you can see the New Era 59Fifty cap everywhere on Instagram! The design has often been imitated, never duplicated. The 59Fifty cap is the perfect example of the New Era creativity, high quality level and authenticity. In fact, it is the epitome of New Era's know-how and considered as a revolution at the time of its release.

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Our selection of 59fifty caps

You will find out on Headict more than a hundred designs of the greatest baseball and football cap ever. Choose between plain or printed 59Fifty caps and find the one that fits your personality. Take your head measurements and shop the perfect cap!